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Cover DeLaurentis Revisits Ryuichi Sakamoto

If you are a fan of Ryūichi Sakamoto, you may be familiar with his iconic theme of Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, which was composed for the 1983 film of the same name, also known as Furyo. The song is a haunting and melancholic melody that captures the emotions of the film’s characters, set in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp during World War II.

But have you ever heard the cover by DeLaurentis, released just a few weeks before Sakamoto’s passing? DeLaurentis is a French singer, songwriter, and producer who creates electro-pop music with a cinematic flair.

Using only her voice and her machines, DeLaurentis adds layers of harmonies, beats, and synths, transforming the original song Forbidden Colours” by Sakamoto and David Sylvian into a modern and atmospheric version.

A fan of Sakamoto since she was 10, DeLaurentis is following her idol’s footsteps.

40 years ago, Sakamoto’s pop tracks were regularly featured in feature films, which led him to start a career as a film composer, on top of his solo work and his Yellow Magic Orchestra band.

Now, it’s DeLaurentis‘ turn!

Following the success of her Mike Oldfield-approved cover of Tubular Bells, and after several songs featured in the french Astrid et Raphaëlle series and a sync placement in How To Get Away With Murder, she started to score original music for major brands, leading her to build the new music identity of the french national energy provider EDF.

After performing live arrangements for the Issey Miyake fashion show, recent collaborations with Deep Forest, she seems to be ready for more original projects in film, TV & advertising.

In the meantime, she’s got more than enough work on her (dub-) plate.

She recently co-produced Isabelle Adjani‘s new album with pop star Pascal Obispo. Being the new driving force for ressurecting a project than had been shelved for nearly 20 years, it’s probably a sign that one of Adjani’s duets was with David Sylvian…

…The same David Sylvian who sang for Ryūichi Sakamoto on the vocal version of Forbidden Colours / Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence fourty years ago !





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